Vesnik of Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno















Series 1. History and Archaeology. Philosophy. Political science. № 1 (106), 2011

History and Archaeology
National history
M. Popov (Minsk) Mogilev Roman-Catholic archbishopric at the end of XVIII - 1st quarter of XIX cent.: the system of government and territorial-administrative division
O. Karpovich, M. Strelets "The children`s rebellion" or the problem of students` participation in the uprising of 1863
S. Busko (Minsk) Gendarme fortress commands on the territory of Belarus at the end of XIX - early XX cent
V. Kaliuta Formation of social-democratic movement on the territory of Belarus (end XIX cent. - 1905)
G. Vaitseshchyk The role of small towns in the industrial development of Western Belarus in 1921-1939
V. Barabash Home Army (Armia Krajowa) and repatriation of the Polish population to Belarus in the second half of 1944 - middle 1945
World history
V. Voron (Kobrin) Formation of agricultural education on the territory of the Ukraine in the second half of XIX - early XX cent
E. Koren The impact of the Decembrists on the Russian intelligentsia mode of thinking
Archaeology, ethnology, special historic disciplines
A. Dabryyan Archaeological study of the Grodno region in XVIII - first half of XX cent
V. Blisch Ethnographic heritage in the context of steady tourist development
Historiography, study of historical sources and methods of historical research
E. Zdanovich Creative work of E. Zamyslovsky

P. Mozheiko Transformation of early Christian ideals in sociocultural values of technogenic society
Philosophy of culture
A. Serbul "Identification crisis" philosophical and culturological aspect of self-identification problems in postmodern philosophy
Global studies
Ch. Kirvel World regionalisation and the problem of East-Slavic peoples` integration
V. Karpinsky Philosophy and technoscientific challenge of the XXI century

Political science
History of political thought
S. Reshetnikov, Y. Bondar (Minsk) Political science development in the transitive society
Comparative political science
V. Vatyl Allied relations between Belarus and the Russian Federation: history and present days situation (political and legal analysis)
World politics
I. Radikov (St.Petersburg) Political knowledge in the security providing mechanism: Russian experience

P. Latushka Priorities of the sphere of culture development in the Republic of Belarus (Speech in Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno on 1st September 2010)
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Series 2 «Mathematics. Physics. Informatics, computer technology and its control» № 1 (107), 2011

Mathematical analysis
E. Davyalova. Markushevich problem with finite number of discontinuity points
Qualitative theory of differential equations
I. Korolko. Trajectories of one class Penleve systems on Bendicson sphere
E. Varenikova (Novozybkov, Russia). Periodic solutions of two-dimensional non-autonomous differential quadratic systems
Functional analysis
Yu. Vuvunikian, D. Shpak. Construction of the quasi-inverse operators of the fifth degree with the generalized impulse response
A. Sidoryk. Transform of Fourier Functions with values in a locally convex vector space
O. Matysik, V. Savchuk. Iteration method of a non-explicit solution type of the incorrect problems in the Hilbert space
Differential equations with partial derivatives
I. Martynov, M. Misnik. Presence of Painleve property in differential equation with partial derivatives of the fourth order
Calculus of variations and mathematical theory of optimal equation
E. Naumovich. The problem of optimal filtration for the system of linear stochastic two-dimensional discrete equations
O. Tsekhan. Requirements to superfluous constraints discovery in optimization models
V. Khartouski. Some methods of investigating of the dual problems of controllability on the output and constructive identifiability for linear objects of the neutral type
Probability theory. Mathematical statistics
Chen Hailong (Kharbinsk, China). The analysis of simulation of stable random variables
L. Sosnovsky, D. Shevchenko. L-distribution of random variables
S. Statkevich, T. Rusilko. Asymptotic analysis of Markov network with unreliable systems of mass service
A. Byt, A. Lialikov. Aberration of experimental facility for the study of termooptical characteristics of an object
Physics of condensed state
V. Liopo. Born-Kerman’s equation and size boundary between macro- and nanostates
A. Bachurina, A. Nikitin, A. Belko. Numerical methods of calculation of heat conductivity of the filled polymers
Informatics, computer technology and its control
Information systems, analysis and design
N. Beloded, I. Safronova. Information systems in management and economic aspects of their construction
N. Osipenko, M. Vasenda, T. Satyrova. Software system for the analysis of medico-ecological data
Mathematical and computer modeling of systems and processes
N. Chernaya, M. Matalytsky. Methods of income finding in HM-networks with time-dependent service rates of applications
People, celebrating their jubilee
Yury Zolotukhin

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Series 3. "Philology. Pedagogy. Psychology" № 1 (108), 2011

Russian literature
N. Blishch. Revealing secrets of I. Shmelev's style
V. Khorev (Moscow, Russia). Dostoevsky's creative work influence on Polish writers of the XX cent.
Theory of literature. Textual criticism
N. Chukichova. Variations of plot significations in the poems "Oneida inside out" and "Taras on Parnassus"
The Belarusian language
T. Ramza. The Belarusian spoken language: the present state and research prospects
V. Ragautsou. Verbal means of creating a comic effect in the play "The Doctor in Spite of Himself" by M. Tsyatserski
I. Lepeshau. Some facts referring to the systematization of proverbs according to their origin
The Russian language
A. Galaunya. Systemic presentation of compound words homonymy
I. Minchuk. The issue of a converse paradigm in an utterance
I. Matsko. Pragmatic operators in the light of relevance theory
The theory of language
V. Shcharbinskaya. The source of false communicative failures in a court discourse
Ya. Razvadouskaya. Reproductive health terms, their syntactic structure and reference to certain parts of speech (on the material of the English, Russian and Belarussia languages)
Ya. Ivanou. The problem of linguistic definition of the concept "aphorism"
Comparative-historical, typological and comparative linguistics
T. Skarabahataya. The study of derivation in Russian and German (on the example of the verbs of physical action)
T. Bochkar. Metonymic associative relations between variable lexical components in Belarusian and English phraseological units
M. Danilovich. The main areas of comparative-typological analysis of phraseology

General pedagogy, history of pedagogy and education
P. Rabtsau. Interrelation between a village school and its environment
Theory and methods of teaching and upbringing
V. Chepikau, A. Chekina. The aim, the contents and the process as the main components of education
A. Konyshava. Teaching interrelation of language and culture at the lessons of English in Higher School
Correctional pedagogy (pedagogy of auditory and speech impaired, visually impaired, mentally impaired, speech impaired people)
T. Sidorka. Social behaviour of junior pupils with speech disorder in terms of educational integration: theoretical aspect

General psychology, psychology of a personality, history of psychology
H. Katlinskaya. Personal reflection as a means of students' self-regulation development in the context of educational environment
Pedagogic psychology
A. Shulha. Psychological and pedagogical conditions of successful perception of foreign speech in the process of teaching foreign languages
T. Kamarova, A. Kolyshko. Personal self-attitude in the context of pedagogical activity
Legal psychology
I. Kibak. The prospects of psychological and legal regulation of a law-making process in the Republic of Belarus

People celebrating their jubilee
Tatsiana Autukhovich

T. Autukhovich. Conference "Interaction of cultures in the world literature process. The problems of theoretical and historical poetics"

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Series 4. "Jurisprudence" № 1 (109), 2011

State and legal theory
N. Koukel. Continuum of lexical transparency of the legislation language sign system
N. Loysha. Ideological function of the state: analysis of the main approaches
System of law and systematization of legislation
M. Silchanka. The issue of systematization in the system of Belarusian legislation
Administrative law
M. Ihnatsik. State control of foreign trade activities: traditional and new definitions
Labour law and social security service law
I. Hushchyn, H. Audzei. Regarding the problem of codification of legislation of social security of the Republic of Belarus
D. Tsis. Legal techniques of defining the concept "length of service" in the social security law
Financial, tax and banking law
I. Glazunova, K. Maslov (Omsk, Russia). Defects of the legal techniques as obstacles in information supply of tax administration
Agricultural, land and ecological law
T. Makarava, V. Lizgara, N. Shynhel, N. Hubskaya, A. Maroz, V. Saskevich. Legal supply of sustainable development of the Republic of Belarus
Criminal law, criminology, criminal and executive law
V. Khilyuta. Physical violence as a part of plunder and robbery
A. Pasynkau. The usage of computer technology in committing robbery
Public prosecutor's supervision
U. Sorkin. Prosecutor's supervision and criminal prosecution according to the Criminal Procedural Code of the Republic of Belarus and Russia (comparative legal analysis)
International humanitarian law
C. Dodi (Kiev, Ukraine). Implementation of the norms of international humanitarian law in some CIS countries

People celebrating their jubilee
V. Khilyuta. Dedicated to V. Kalmykov's 90th anniversary

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Series 1. History and Archaeology. Philosophy. Political science. ╣а2 (110), 2011

History and Archaeology
National history
A. Bartashevich. Christianity in the historical development of Belarusian people (1667Ц1701) modern conceptual approaches
K. Marozka. Tsarism attitude to Orthodox Church and other confessions in the second half of XIX Ц beginning of XX cent (on the example of Minsk Orthodox diocese)
Yu. Fiadzianina. Revolutionary-class partiesТ tactics in Belarus in resistance against Polish interventionists in 1919 Ц early 1920
A. Makrushych. The role of towns in the formation of ethnocultural situation of Western Belarus at the end of XX century
World history
S. Pivavarchyk. Theoretical research of the supply of the USSR borders in the 20Ц30s of XX cent
U. Kryuchykau. Quartermaster supply of the Soviet troops in лWinter war╗ (1939Ц1940)
Historiography, study of historical sources, methods of historic research.
N. Yahneshko. Historiography and historical sources for preparation personnel of historians in the Republic of Belarus (1990-s Ц early XXI cent.)
V. Harmatny. Soviet historiography (1920Ц1940) of commossation on the territory of Western Belarus
S. Latotski. Organization of research in Belarus in the sphere of military history (second half of 1940 Ц end of 1950)
O. Poznjakova. The concept of Уeternal peaceФ of I. Kant in terms of universalization of cultural values in the epoch of globalization
Social philosophy
S. Semiarnik. Method of analogy in modern sciences about society and man
Political science
Theory and methodology of Politics
L. Zemliakou, I. Boika. Religious factor of national security of the Republic of Belarus
Political ideology
V. Vatyl. Project scenario as a means of estimation of ideological programs and political ideals: post-Soviet context
Political management
I. Lesko. A competence approach to professional development of management staff
Education in the sphere of Politics
Yu. Golovin (Yaroslavl, Russia). Development of education in the sphere of politology in the Yaroslavl Region
People, celebrating their jubilee
Mikhail Vasilyuchak
I. Sorkina. Urbanization in Belarus in XIX Ц beginning of XXI cent
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Series 1, № 2 (110), 2011


Series 2 лMathematics. Physics. Informatics, computer technology and its control╗ ╣ 2 (111), 2011

The theory of functions of complex variables
D. Kirjackij. About the properties of analytic functions which form Cherbyshev system
Qualitative theory differential equations
V. Gorbuzov. Projective atlas of trajectories of second order differential systems
Analytical theory differential equations
T. Vankova, I.а Martynov. About properties of solutions of one class of differential equations of the third order
V. Parmanchuk. Analytical properties of solutions of one cross system of two differential equations
Differential and integral equations of mathematical models of natural sciences
N. Kisileva, G. Shushkevich. Scattering of the sound field on the soft open spherical shell and spheroid
Functional analysis
A. Deytseva. Approximation of the differential operator in the basis of periodic coiflets
Y. Vuvunikyan, D. Shpak. Theorem on nonlinear quasi-inverse operators for a class of quadratic evolutionary operators
Theoretical physics
D. Guzatov, L. Gaida.а Dipole moment of a nanoellipsoid with confocal nanoshells in the field of an electromagnetic wave
Physics of the condensed state
V. Liopo, A. Nikitin, Yu. Tarasevich. Dependence of the parameters of physical property of nanoparticles on their sizes
Informatics, computer science and management
Computer systems, analysis and projecting
V. Naumenko, A. Pankov. Evaluation of expected income of лBeltelecom╗ by providingа лpasswordless access to the Internet╗ services
Applied informatics. Methods based onа computer usage
A. Zhukevich. About the method of the vetting system implementation in the construction ofа the pattern recognition system
Computer networks
S. Statkevich.а About the method of research of HM networks with unreliable queuing systems
Analysis, optimization and management of complicated systems
E. Koluzaeva. About optimal control of system functioning in conveyor queueing networks and their application
V. Kiturka, M. Matalytskij. Research of three-level exponential ═╠- queuing network with stochastic. Transactions between their states. NetworkТs usage
Mathematical and computer modeling of systems and processes
T. Rusilko.а Prediction of income of the insurance company with the help of queuing networks
E. Zverovich. Substantial contribution into the teaching method of mathematical analysis in the Higher School
I. Martynov. A modern presentation of the real and complex analysis

Journal review
Series 2, № 2 (111), 2011


Series 5 «Economics. Sociology. Biology» № 1 (112), 2011

Economic growth and competitiveness
V. Kalatukhin. The stimulation of inventive and patent-based activity in the Republic of Belarus and industrialized countries
Jonas Jasaitis (Siauliai, Lithuania). Research of changes of socioeconomic significance of low urbanized areas in the context of contemporary regional development
E. Bertosh. Alternative technique of defining technology cost
Economics and education
U. Bulavka. Economics and financial crisis
F. Marholin, S. Krachko. Formation and development of contemporary economic thinking. Significance and possibilities of economic and management disciplines
Finances and credit
M. Karpitskaja, A. Lagutik. Contemporary approaches to borrowers` financial analysis in Belarusian Banks
A. Shigula (Keltse, Poland). Bank capital management within institutional rules of the banking system
Regional Economy
H. Hovanets, V. Vashkelevich (Belsko-Biala, Poland). Environmental protection in the concepts of business management and local development (on the example of Polish companies)
Enterprise economics
Liu Hong Ming. Efficiency of Circulating Economy Model Usage as an environmental management instrument in oil-and-gas enterprises of China
Economic Sociology
G. Sokolova. Human Capital: Theoretical Basis and Empirical Verification
M. Tsuhaj. Engineering and technical workers as socio-professional group and their role in improving labour efficiency of design engineering firms of the construction sector of the Republic of Belarus
S. Sinyakov (Kiev, Ukraine). Social sciences in new social and economic realias
Social structure, social institutions and processes
M. Semerikova. Contemporary family in young people`s minds, its sociological analysis
V. Shkljarik. Information as the basis of life building strategy in the conditions of social uncertainty
N. Bashun, A. Vasilchyk. The results of organization and carrying out of pupil`s health level monitoring in Skidael secondary school № 2
Sociology of Management
O. Moroz. The role of innovations in the system of higher education quality management, its sociological aspect
Ye. Nasuta, O. Sozinov. Floristic composition and eco-coenotic feature of the multiple-aged parcels
N. Voronova, S. Buga. Example of adaptive polymorphism in aphids of the species complex Macrosiphum rosae / knautiae / silvaticum (Rhynchota: Homoptera: Aphididae)
Animal Physiology
S. Sedlovskaya. Antifidanthic effect of some ecdysone agonists on Antheraea pernyi caterpillars
S. Yemeljanchik, O. Pavlova. Morph functional changes within forward horns of the spinal cord of neurons under acute and semi-acute experimental subhepatic cholestasis in rats
Material bases of life. Biochemistry. Molecular Biology. Biophysics
I. Rusina, A. Makarchikov, Y. Lukashenko. Study on regulatory properties of a soluble nucleoside triphosphatase from bovine kidney
A. Shlyahtun, P. Pronko. Effects of glutamine and its syntetic derivative - L-alanyl-l-glutamine on the ethanol pharmacokinetics in rats
V. Vinogradov, A. Tumanov, A. Artsukevich , S.j Vinogradov, Y. Matyuk, V. Andreyev, T. Smykovskaya, Y. Yarotsky. Signal pathways that maintain the secretory function, formation of «structural adaptation traces» and thyrocyte proliferation in rats under stress
General Ecology. Hydrobiology
S. Pozniak. Biological accumulation of heavy metals by the plants on conditionally contaminated soils of Belarus

Journal review
Series 5, № 1 (112), 2011


Series 3 "Philology. Pedagogy. Psychology" № 2 (113), 2011

Belarusian literature
V. Lidziankova. Symbols of death in Belarusian and English literary ballad
Literature of people of foreign countries
N. Milenkevich. Travels in the German heroic epos (on the example of «The Nibelungenlied»)
O. Svitelskaya. The novel of «historical costume» as the XXth  century literature genre
V. Istomin. Henri Troyat: the dialogue of French and Russian cultures
Theory of literature. Textual criticism.
P. Ushkevich. Deconstruction of the Sarmatian myth in V. Karatkevich’s tale «Wild hunting of King Stakh»
N. Startseva. Multiplication of narrative’s event basis of N.M. Karamzin’s «Pitiable Liza» in the vovel «Sincerely yours Shurik» by L. Ulitskaja
A. Zeziulevich. Myth about Pygmalion in literature: the basic stages of evolution and the form of functioning of the eternal story
Theory of language
Y. Zinchenka. Аctualization of addressee in the discourses of political talk-shows participants: reconstruction of content of the discourse-category «audience»
N. Koptseva. Teaching and communicative potential of foreign language’s educational module: contact points
M. Danilovich. Types of interlanguage phraseological correspondence
General pedagogy, history of pedagogy and education
M. Saltykova-Vaukovich. Suicide among minors as a social pedagogical problem
L. Gimpel, N. Haldukevich. Symbolical interactionism as the conceptual basis of interactive training
Theory and methods of teaching and upbringing
N. Makarova, E. Rapchinskaja. Some problems of computer science training on the level of general primary education
Correctional pedagogy (pedagogy of auditory and speech impaired, visually impaired, mentally impaired, speech impaired people)
M. Skivitskaja. Interdisciplinary relations of oligophrenopedagogy: historical aspect of the problem
General psychology, psychology of a personality, history of psychology
V. Maltsava. Individual’s motivational sphere as a multilevel formation
Pedagogic psychology
A. Lobanov, A. Titskij. Interconnection of students’ academic performance and cognitive development
Social psychology
N. Kukhtova. The adaptation of «Prosocial tendencies measurement» technique
A. Rakitskaja. Syndrome of the emotional burnout and aggressive behavior among teachers: theoretical aspect of research

Journal review
Series 3, № 2 (113), 2011


Series 4 "Jurisprudence" № 2 (114), 2011

Theory of State and Law
V. Sjadzelnik. Characteristics of Law Terminology in  the Republic of Belarus
I. Dzjamidava. The Law education as direction of the state law policy
History of State and Law
N. Misarevich. Тhe Chelm right as one of versions of the feudal city right
History of State and Law of Belarus
I. Basiuk. Krevskay Union of 1385. Some attempts of political and Law analysis
The problem of administrative responsibility
V. Chorkov (Kaliningrad, Russian Federation). The status of collective institutions of administrative jurisdiction, provided by the Code of Russian Federation and Belarus legislation (comparative analysis)
Civil, economy and family Law
M. Karatkievich. Establishment of guardianship of the international type over minors according to the legislation of the Republic of Belarus
Labour and social Law
I. Liajchonak. The peculiarities of the procedure of stating physical inability of citizens in the Republic of Belarus
Criminal law, criminology, criminal and executive law
V. Khiluta. The significance of the type of committing a crime for defining the type of plunder
The problems of criminal proceedings and criminalistics
G. Zoryn. Forecasting situalogical analysis in forensic strategy
V. Sorkin. The procedural status of the prosecutor during the pretrial proceeding of criminal cases
R. Zoryn. Revealing infringement in criminal legal proceedings in the judicial system of the Republic of Belarus
R. Tratsiakou. Theoretical analysis of investigating the crimes connected with concealing bankruptcy
Prosecutor’s supervision
I. Martynenka. The aim of the prosecutor’s supervision over the implementation of legislation on protection of historical and cultural heritage
International Law
N. Maroz. Legal solution of competing jurisdiction concerning hi-tech crime
Current events
R. Tratsiakou. About the chair of Criminal Law and Criminalistics of the Yanka Kupala Grodno State University

Journal review
Series 4, № 2 (114), 2011


Series 1. "History and Archaeology. Philosophy. Political science" № 3 (115), 2011

History аnd Archeology

The history оf the country
V. Miatsezh. Cooperation of the Republic of Belarus with the Federal Republic of Germany in the field of arts in the 90s of the twentieth – the beginning of the twenty first centuries
D. Kienko. The preparation of the theatre of military operations in Belarus: the problem of the formation of aviation (1939–1941)
H. Vaitseshchyk. The influence of theater and cinema on the cultural development of small towns in Western Belarus in 1921–1939
S. Yelizarov. Administrative and territorial division of BSSR in the system of economic relations (1954–1964)
L. Masejchuk. Education, upbrinning, living conditions and everyday life of the Main ecclesiastical Seminary in Vilno

Archeology, ethnology and special historical disciplins
Jan Svench (Krakov, Poland). Does a mill have a soul? Some words about personification of windmills

Historiography, history resources and methods of research in history
S. Zaneuski. The role of nobility in the fall of the Polish state in the second half of the XVIII century and its fate in the presentation of the Warsaw School of History
V. Tubialevich. The history of Christian faiths of the Great Princedom of Lithuania in I. Krashevsky’s works
V. Popko. The Polish and Belarusian historiography of the history of private ordinations
T. Kruchkovsky. The Polish – Lithuanian rivalry with Moscow during the time Ivan the third from N.M. Karamzin’s point of view


Philosophical anthropology
S. Semiarnik. The strategy of a person evaluation: history and present Social philosophy
M. Biaspamiatnykh. The concept of boundary in the present-day social theory: the idea of Henk van Houtum
O. Romanov. Russian philosophy in the spiritual experience of the East Slavic peoples: past, present, future

Philosophy of culture
M. Uzgorok. Patriotism in the context of interaction of national cultural traditions and social innovations
I. Stepanenko. Axiological evaluation of youth socialization in virtual reality

Political science

Political management
A. Lysjuk. Political leadership in the context of public policy

Political elitology
A. Strizoe (Volgograd, Russia). Modern geopolitical space and the strategy of its development by Post-Soviet elite
S. Luhvin. Becoming a European state bureaucracy in the early stages of transformation of a traditional society into an industrial one

Journal review
Series 1, № 3 (115), 2011


Series 6. № 1 (116), 2011

Physics and technology of nanostructures, nuclear and molecular physics
Y. Auchynnikau. Features of nanostructured coatings exposed by energetic factors
V. Liyopa, V. Sarokin, S. Hej, Y. Eisymont. Evaluation of size heterogeneity of nanodimension modifiers

Physics and chemistry of high energy
V. Sarokin, D. Prushak, Y. Auchynnikau, S. Audzejchyk, A. Struk. Technology of modification of friction surfaces of metal parts using high-energy impact

High molekular compounds
T. Grigorieva, N. Lyakhov, I. Vorsina, A. Chekel, Y. Auchynnikau,V. Struk, V. Andrikevich. Mechanically activated fillers for polymer nanocomposites based on regenerated thermoplastic (Russia – Belarus)
I. Vorsina, A. Barinova, N. Lyakhov. Mechanism of mechanochemical modification of layer silicates by organic acids (Novosibirsk, Russia)
N. Lyakhov, I. Vorsina, T. Grigorieva, A. Barinova, Y. Auchynnikau, Y. Eisymont. iologically active components modified by mechanochemical method (Russia – Belarus)

Materials science
M. Chekan, A. Valachko, I. Akula, V. Pasylkin, A. Tsiaulouskaya. Structure coatings of nitrides of intermetallic compounds Тi-Аl
G. Kastyukovich, V. Ivashka, V. Krauchanka, Y. Auchynnikau, I. Danilchyk. Structural features of stocks obtained by uniform compression
Y. Eisymont. Evaluation of bactericidal activity of dispersed particles of natural modifiers

Friction and wear in machines
V. Struk, Y. Auchynnikau, Y. Eisymont, D. Prushak, A. Antonau, V. Krauchanka. Structure and technology tribotechnical coatings for details of friction metal systems

Mathematical modelling , calculation methods and programs
V. Krauchanka, G. Kastyukovich, M. Kipnis, A. Bykau, Y. Auchynnikau. Optimization of cardan gearsof of BelAZ cars using regional allocation segment «SKIF-UNICORE»
Y. Garachova, A. Skaskevich. Methods of optimization of precision technological equipment
D. Linnik. Development of mathematical model of the functioning of car and driver’s seat suspension of mtf wheeled tractor

Nanotechnologies and nanomaterials
G. Laushenka, F. Laushenka. Mechanochemical aspects of the generation of nanostructured materials on metal matrices

Technology and processing of polymers and composites
G. Garbatsevich, V. Struk, D. Prushak, V. Varapaeu. Structure and technology of functional composite materials based on polytetrafluoroethylene

Journal review
Series 6, № 1 (116), 2011


Series 4 "Jurisprudence" № 3 (117), 2011


State and legal theory
S. Polenina (Moscow, Russian Federation). Legal technology: a social aspect
N. Karpovich. Ecological function of the state according to the new civilization measurement
I. Demidova. The culture of lawmaking and law enforcement activities of bodies of local government and self-government in the Republic of Belarus

System of law and systematization of legislation
I. Plyahimovich. Organization of the legislation monitoring as a most important problem of the legal development Belarus
V. Shabailov, E. Guida. Information Assurance of Legal Monitoring

Constitutional and municipal law
O. Finogentova, A. Lomaev (Kaliningrad – Samara, Russian Federation). The Constitutional forms of expression of the public interest in Russian Federation

Administrative law
N. Kondratovich. The place and role of government in the system of state bodies within the limits of comparative jurisprudence

Issues of civil and economic legal process
I. Kirvel. The concept of legal technology and the analysis of the technical level of the Civil Procedural Code of the Republic of Belarus

Labour law and social security service law
A.Vasilenko. On some aspects of teaching staff selection on a competitive basis in institutions of higher education of the Republic of Belarus

Agricultural, land and ecological law
I. Shakhray. The authority of natural resource renting: the problems of legal confirmation

Criminal law, criminology, criminal and executive law
A. Piachynskaya. Problem family as a factor of juvenile behavior

The problems of criminal proceedings and criminalistics
G. Muchin. The system of private forensic theories and trends of its development

Platform for the young
M. Kuharchuk. Students’ crimes: problems of their prevention

Current events
L. Abramchik. International scientific seminar «Ecological, legal and medical aspects of bioethics and biosecurity» (May 12–14, 2011, Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno, Belarus)
M. Ihnatsic. International Olympiad in international law
I. Matynenko. On strengthening the practical component in the preparation of law students

Journal review
Series 4, № 3 (117), 2011


Series 2 «Mathematics. Physics. Informatics, computer technology and its control» № 3 (118), 2011

P. Zhiznevsky. About -reducible formations with -defect
Mathematical analysis
I. Trifonova. Composition operator second with compound evolutionary operator K. Rasulov (Smolensk, Russia). About Neumann boundary value problem in classes such as quasiharmonic functions in circle D. Kiryatskis (Vilnius, Lithuania). About a generalization of the transfinite diameter and Chebyshev constant
Ordinary differential equations
V. Erofeenko, G. Shushkevich. Penetration of low-frequency electric field through the thin-disk T. Vankova, I. Martynov. Meromorphic solutions of equation of the third order With symbol of bureau р4 A. Sadovski, T. Shcheglova. Rational integrals of a cubic system
Calculus of variations and mathematical theory of optimal equation
V. Tsekhan. Modeling and algorithmic tasks of planning a multi-product shipments in transit with a prohibited

Probability theory. Mathematical statistics
M.Troush, H. Kuzmina. Hyperbolic generalized process simulation S. Statkevich. Analysis of queueing network with limited wait In queueing systems in transient state N. Chornaya, M. Matalytski. Determination of expected revenue HM-network with priority applications
Physics of condensed state
N. Valko, I. Aleschyk, А. Voroncov, D. Lavysh. Electrolytic coating of Zn-Ni alloy when exposed to X-ray
Crystallography, physics of crystals
V. Liyopo, A. Sabutz. The point groups and singonizes of noncrystallographic symmetry Informatics, computer technology and management
Informational systems, analysis and design
M. Matalytski, V. Kiturka. Solution to the problem of optimal control the operation of the logistics transportationtnoy system using the method of exhaustive search strategies V. Kiturka. Solution to the problem of optimal control for a three-level HM-network method of dynamic programming
Mathematical and computer modeling of systems and processes
T. Rusilko. Analysis of stochastic model of clients processing in insurance company with time dependent service parameters

Journal review
Series 2, № 3 (118), 2011


Series 3 "Philology. Pedagogy. Psychology" № 3 (119), 2011

Literatyre of people of foreign countries
F. Tomaszewski. Zasiedziec sie w Mickiewiczu. Ryszard Kapuscinski Imperium
I. Kayalo. Traditions of the epic poem «Aeneid» of Virgil in the genre of comic poems

The Belarusian language
I. Lepeshev. In addition to the «Dictionary of the phraseology»
I. Mekenya. About the description of multi-valued adjectives in dictionaries and the ways of polysemy

The Russian language
A. Strizhak. About the names of the belarusian currency in the modern journalism (on the material of Russian and Russian-speaking belarusian editions)
The theory of language
T. Komar. To definition of the productivity of derivational patterns (based on Polish)
Comparative-historical, typological and comparative linguistics
H. Auchynnikava. Derivational features of verbal professional nominations of industrial spheres in East Slavic and Polish languages
T. Fedunova. Correlative semantic types of the relationships in the interlanguage russian-belorussian lexical comparison
Y. Karduban. The structural and derivational features of abbreviations in the aspect of in-terlanguage equivalence (based on English and Belarusian)

General pedagogy, history of pedagogy and education
A. Chekina. Methodological aspects of studying of the problem of development of the the-ory of moral upbringing in the research of Russian and Belarusian scientists in the second half of 20th – the beginning of the 21st centuries
S. Sergeiko. Aktualgenez pursue opportunities for the educational environment for the de-velopment of student’s personality in the history of education
F. Konyshev. Methods of convicted used in theory and practice of penitentiary pedagogy

Theory and methods of teaching and upbringing (in spheres and levels of education)
N. Leonyuk, V. Savchuk. The formation of young people building skills as reproductive health, psychological and pedagogical problem
A. Ovezov. Forming techniques of rationalization as a means to enhance the teaching of mathematics applied orientation

Social psychology
I. Pogodin. Sensitivity and awareness of participants of contact as it’s property
S. Stepanov, Е. Kremer. Reflexive Diagnostics in the Management of Company Development (based on the example of a seminar-training on Company development strategy)
I. Semianchuk. Peculiarities of empathy demonstrated by the medical students at the first stage of socialization in a higher educational institution

S. Musienka, M. Lysis. Twenty years of cooperation of Polish language and literature De-partment at Yanka Kupala State university of Grodno with the Institute of Polish Language and Literature Pedagogical University of Krakow
P. Sciatsko, M. Danilowich. Among the sciences and professional skills (for the 20th anni-versary of the Belarusian Department and Theoretical linguistics)

Journal review
Series 3, № 3 (119), 2011


Series 5 «Economics. Sociology. Biology» № 2 (120), 2011

Economic growth and competitive ability
A. Shegda, T. Mykytiuk (Kyiv, Ukraine) Instability of the external environment of enterprises in the context of the theory of uncertainty
Economic science and education
S. Saladovnikau. Civilization, culture, economic system of society and institutional matrix: phenomenological nature and intersectionality
T. Vasilevich. Higher education financing: the international experience
Innovations and investments
T. Harayeva. Theoretical approaches to the formation of a high-tech sector
I. Barysevich.Economic mechanism of new product development process management
Macroeconomic regulation
A. Sachok. Public-private partnership in the housing and communal services: the international experience – in the interests of Belarus
Finances and credit
M. Karpitskaya, A. Kamornik. Making the insurance market of the Republic of Belarus attractive for investment
V. Balabanovich. The basic premise of a concept of controlling
Regional economics
T. Antonava. Pecularities of intrarepublican migration of the population in Grodno Region: a comparative analysis by the results for 2007–2009
Services sphere and creative economics
A. Bondarovich, D. Dirin, A. Kuskov (Barnaul – Saratov, Russian Federation). Modern socio-economic trends in an international tourism
Economic Sociology
A. Selvanovich. Small and medium enterprises in the socio-economic System of the Belarusian society
Social structure, social institutes and processes
T. Bohush, A. Kazlousky. Peculiarities of teenagers initiation to drug use in the Republic of Belarus in conditions of transforming society
Y. Nikulina. Spatial and temporal parameters of the urbanization
Sociology of culture and spiritual life
E. Babosova. Active leisure as a way of an inclusiveness of youth in social and cultural activity
I. Kantsavaya, L. Shautsova. Influence of cefotaxime and carbenicillin on the morphogenesis at leaf explants of Populus tremula and Betula obscura in vitro culture
S. Buha, A. Rhyzhaya. Adventitious species of homopterous proboscides (Rhynchota: Sternorrhyncha) and beetles (Coleoptera) insects in Minsk and Grodno urbocoenoses
I. Lukina. Rotan-firebrands Perccottus glenii Dybowski, 1877 plastic characters measurement
Animal Physiology
K. Mandrik, T. Kljuka, S. Karelin, A. Kareusky. Oxidizing stress at grape snail Helix pomatia L., Living in places with different degree of anthropogenous loading in Grodno
Material conditions of life. Biochemistry. Molecular biology. Biophysics
N. Kanunnikava, N. Bashun, T. Hrahouskaya, L. Sushko, A. Raduta, D. Hupenets, N. Al-Hammashi. Modulation of D-homopantothenic acid effects by D-panthenol during experimental brain ischaemia–reperfusion
A. Patsenka. In vivo microdialysis study of neuroprotective properties of 1-methyl-1,2,3,4-tetrahydroisoquinoline in rat brain

Journal review
Series 5, № 2 (120), 2011


Journal review
Series 4, № 4 (121), 2011